Wednesday, September 13, 2006

7 Wise Ways to Collect Email Addresses and Build Your Mailing List

You have to give in order to get. If you want people tooffer up their email address, you`re going to have to offerup an incentive. Nothing works better than something that`scomplimentary (you spell that F-R-E-E). You can give awayno-cost reports, books, software, or even sample pages of abook.
-Word to the Wise: Our Empowerism subscribers usecomplimentary subscriptions to our "Excellence Magazine" andebook giveaways to grow their lists. Works like a charm.

Wise Way #2 - USE POP-UPS
Pop-ups are one of the most common methods you can use tocapture email addresses and build your email listquickly and with ease. Simply construct a web pagecontaining code for a form and set the page to open (pop up)when visitors ENTER OR EXIT your site.
Make sure the pop-up offer is something that`s valuableenough to motivate visitors to take time to give you theircontact information. Your offer can be a complimentaryreport, download, or ebook that arrives instantly throughyour autoresponder to their email inbox when they give youtheir email.
-Word to the Wise: If you need a pop-up, you can pick oneup F-R-E-E (there`s that word again) from Empowerism
-Son of Word to the Wise: "Instant" is a very powerfulpop-up offer.

If you have a mailing list that contains snail mail (street)addresses, convert it into an email list by sending out apostcard and inviting people to VISIT YOUR WEBSITE toreceive a gift of some kind -- a report, a discount coupon,etc. Visitors don`t have to pay in order to receive theirgifts, they simply need to enter an email address.
-A Word to the Wise from the U.S. Post Office: Postage ismuch less expensive for a postcard than a standard-sizeletter. (Not only are they economical, postcards are morelikely to get your message across since the consumer doesn`thave to open an envelope.)

This is a clever trick that so many people overlook. Put aRESPONSE FORM ON EVERY PAGE of your website offering anewsletter or other freebie. This will increase the numberof email addresses you capture exponentially.
Why? When search engines index the pages of your website, avisitor may come directly to a page other than your homepage. If you only have a subscriber box on your home page,you`re missing the boat, not to mention the thousands ofvisitors who bypass your homepage.
-A Word to the Wise: If you don`t know how to create anopt-in form, no worries. Empowerism has a foolproof `buildyour own` tool made just for you!

Wise Way #5 - CONTESTS
Contests very often prove to be a good way to generatetraffic and buzz for your business. Create a contest and puta form on your site or in a pop-up box. The entry "fee" istheir email address.
-Word to the Wise: Not all the people who sign up for yourcontest are good prospects. Many are just contest"junkies" -- people who are only looking for freebies andhave no intention of buying a product or service.
-Warning to the Wise: If your prizes are cash orlarge-ticket items, you should be sure to check with localagencies to make sure you`re not violating any contest laws.

Most people give their website link when they place soloads, ezine ads, or other marketing messages. To be one stepahead of the game in collecting email addresses, LIST YOURAUTORESPONDER ADDRESS instead of your URL. This way you cancapture email address and funnel them into your follow-upsales letters.
-Word to the Wise: Don`t have an autoresponder? Empowerismwill give you one, provide you with signposts to others, andmake sure you know exactly what to look for to find the"pick of the litter."
-Word from our "Sponsor": Autoresponders you can use arejust one sample of the incredible resources you can dependon when you`re a member of the Empowerism family. Ourtools, information, and especially the Empowerism RSVP --Revenue Sharing Value Program -- are all designed togenerate BIG bucks with LITTLE effort.

Wise Way #7 - JUST ASK
If you`re chatting with a prospect on the phone or apotential customer stops by your place of business, don`t beshy: ask for an email address or business card (whichusually includes their email address).
Okay, you know what you know what you need. It`stime for you to set your traps and CAPTURE THOSE EMAILS!

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