Tuesday, February 12, 2008

10 Tips To Increase Sales & Site Traffic By Giving Away Free Software

10 tips to increase sales and site traffic by Giving Away Free Software

1. Gain free advertising by submitting your software to freebie and freeware/shareware web sites. This will increase the number of visitors to your web site.

2. If you created the free software yourself, you will become known as an expert. This will gain people’s trust and they will buy your main product faster.

3. Offer your software as an extra free bonus to the people that buy one of your main products. People buy products quicker with free bonuses included.

4. Publish your free software on disk or CD-Rom then include it with your direct mail packages. This can increase the amount of orders you’ll receive.

5. Build your opt-in e-mail list fast by asking your visitors to give you their contact information before they can download your software.

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10 Tips To Increase Sales & Traffic By Giving Away Free Software

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